Her gate is always open whether she's there are not and visitors are welcome to wander among the colors and scents of the flowers beneath the ancient oaks and the constant melody of bird-song. Have a picnic!

It's the vibrancy of these surroundings that supplies the inspiration for her art - art that has been shown in many solo and group exhibitions, and is prized by private collectors.

She trained as an artist and gardener in Canada, absorbed ideas on design and color in Central America, and chose Maine as the place to put it all together.

After your visit, you won't forget Kate and you won't forget Bright Birds Studio.

Kate Mcleod


Fine Arts; McGill University, Concordia University; Montreal Canada


Self-Employed Artist; Mirrors, Plaster, Paint and Mixed Media

Gardener; Blending an intimate knowledge of plants and environments with an artist's eye for arrangements. Influences range from Canada to Nicaragua.